How to use Basic authentication


I’m trying to save a basic auth prompt but after I’ve logged into the device, BW never pops up to save the login. I’ve seen Basic Auth Prompts | Bitwarden Help Center but it refers to working “if there is only one login item with a matching URI.”. I’m not sure what a ‘login item’ is.

Also the animation on that page doesn’t, well, animate. Tried two different browsers.
Can anyone explain how it is meant to work?

Same request here. Can anyone explain?

I see they’ve fixed the animation now.

But before that I finally managed to get it to work. You need to manually add the basic auth login credentials for the specific URL. There is no save this login feature as per normal web site auth prompts.
Then it ‘silently’ works when you next visit the site i.e. you don’t see any login prompt or any fields being automatically filled in, the browser goes straight to the logged-in page.

I manually added the credentials, but they WON’T AUTOFILL!