How to share a note or a password with a friend?

LastPass used to take in an email address for sharing and send out an email to accept the password/note into their account. Is there anything similar I can do with Bitwarden?

I don’t want to create a family or organization with my friend. I do have the premium subscription.

Thank you in advance

Bitwarden is constantly improving, so I could be wrong, but there is no way for your user to share with another user. The way you share with Bitwarden is to create an org, add users to the org, then transfer ownership of an entry to the org.

Word of warning. Permissions are not to the password, but to the org. For example. I wanted to have my wife share her passwords with the Family org, but that would mean I, as the admin, would have permissions to edit the entry.

To get around this, I had her create her own org where she is admin and add whomever to that org as read-only.

Thank you for the information. I think this is a much needed feature and found a request for Share with a single user

Atleast in my use case, it doesn’t make sense at all to create an Organization or a Family. This is a friend I want to share something once. I am hoping someday premium user have a way to share items with other people without going through the organization/collection mess. I think right now as a premium user, I can’t even create a collection to share with my friend.

So, for now, I have to maintain my LastPass account to share with other people and then move things to Bitwarden once I receive it in LastPass.

The devs are working on a feature called Send. Its coming soon!

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That is really good to know! Thank you for the information!