How to properly set up the Bitwarden Android app for using on Android?

Hello all,

I’ve set Bitwarden for using on Windows,but is there a need I do the import/export of the passwords on the Android app too?

@grb , helped me to fix the problem with the csv. files on Windows, but should I import the same csv.s on Android,or it is automatically being fixed?

Also,what should I do with the huge number of duplicates?

Please help me.

Thank you in advance.

Once you’ve imported your .CSV once in the Web Vault, all the vault data should be automatically synced to all of your devices and Bitwarden client apps (as soon as you log in on each app).

I helped you get rid of your duplicates two weeks ago in your previous thread. If you’re again seeing a “huge number of duplicates”, that means you are creating the duplicates somehow. Have you been reimporting the .CSV file multiple times? Are you using the “Ask to Add Login” option, and if so, are you saving new logins in Bitwarden while your vault is still locked?

The only way to get rid of duplicates (other than deleting them manually) is a process similar to what we did last time, which involves exporting your passwords and de-duplicating them in Excel, then purging your vault contents and re-importing the de-duplicated export file.

However, there is little point in doing so if you don’t stop whatever you’re doing to create the duplicates to begin with. Otherwise you’ll just end up with a “huge number of duplicates” again in another two weeks.

Thank you for replying!

Could you guide me to remove the duplicates step-by-step again,in order I don’t make some mistake in that process ,please?

Before going through that process again, it would make sense to spend some time to figure out why you are getting duplicates to begin with.

Could you please answer the following?

  1. On September 3 (the day that you imported the files BWkeep.csv and Conditioned.csv according to my instructions in the previous thread), do you recall whether you imported each file only once, or is it possible that you perhaps repeated the import process because you weren’t sure it had worked the first time?

  2. Since the import of BWkeep.csv and Conditioned.csv on September 3, have you ever used the import function in Bitwarden again, for any purpose? For example, did you do a new import after installing the desktop app or after installing the browser extensions?

  3. In the browser extension, if you go to :gear: Settings > Options, is the checkbox to the right of the “Ask to add login” option checked (:ballot_box_with_check:) or unchecked (:stop_button:)?

  4. Just as a sanity check, what is the evidence you have for making the claim that there are a “huge number of duplicates” in your vault? Can you post some screenshots that show this, after sanitizing sensitive information?