How to prevent bitwarden from injecting code?

How can bitwarden be configured to prevent it from injecting/modifying any code into websites?

An example of code bitwarden injects (in this case it adds data-com.bitwarden.browser.user.edited):

<input class="search-field" type="text" placeholder="Search" data-com.bitwarden.browser.user-edited="yes">

There is no option to prevent BW from injecting code.
Just out of curiosity, why would you do that ?

Great question! :slight_smile:

  1. Any time code injection takes place, it slows down the browser a little. If the functionality supported by code injection is not being used, it’s best to keep the browser running at 100%.

  2. When troubleshooting a website, it’s another variable that needs to be accounted for. So to really troubleshoot something, bitwarden needs to get disabled.