How to Prevent Bitwarden from continuously flashing colors?

The Chrome plugin flashes colors continuously, and it gives me anxiety every time I have to open the app. Is there any way to turn it into a solid color scheme and get it to stop blinking?

(I’m in Dark mode, but setting the theme of the plugin to other options does not change the blinking.)

Hi @Michael_Bahnmiller and welcome to the community :tada:

I have never heard of any issues with a “blinking” extension. Is it changing color-themes (Light/Dark)? Could you eloborate or even better share a screenshot/video of the behaviour.

Once identified it’s an issue/bug we can create a Github issue to track this.

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I just encountered the blinking too.
It’s a subtle pulse of the whole UI once per second. If I drag the Chrome window to my 120fps monitor it stops.

Don’t have much time right now but if it’s still there later I might try to record it for a bug report.