How to make a more specific url work on a specific wesbite to prevent it from autofilling other websites?

Not sure of the correct wording of the question but explaining with might help. GameSpot owns GameFAQs so GFAQs is no longer and is now I have a login credentials for both sites but since GS is now the domain for both sites, how do i get the credentials of GS to only autofill on GS rather than GFAQs. Like in google, if i wanted to search for a specific terms i put them in quotes and if i want the search to ignore words, i put a minus sign in front of the word.

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You can change the β€œMatching Rules” to control what login credentials are available for autofill. In your case, you likely would need to set the one that incorrectly matches to a β€œhost” matching rule.

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