How to hide a card unavailable in the Browser Plugin

I added a card (my first card) in Bitwarden.
It is a bonus card of a huge electronic store in Germany.
The reason is that I wanted to have this card digitally on my phone and not physically in my wallet.

Now I see that at each website where I wat to log in using the Bitwarden browser extension:

  • Login for this page
  • The card for the electronic store
  • My two identities (private and business)

I plan to add more member cards and bonus cards in my vault (about 20), so I don’t have to carry them all with me.
Most of them have a QR code or a bar code, so scanning from my phone should work (for the electronic store it works perfectly).
But this means, that for each website where I want to log in, all these cards are offered in the browser extension (and this will be a longer list).

I found no option (checkbox) to tell Bitwarden “Do not list this card in the browser plugin window”.
So I guess I should add such cards (that are no credit cards) as “normal” entries, not as cards, right?
What is the best way to store this information?

If I should store such entries as “normal” logins and not as cards:
I was not able to convert the entry from type “Card” to “Login”.
Is there a way to do this with one click?
Otherwise I have to create a new entry and copy field by field manually (also the attachment).

In my eyes, adding these bonus cards as type “Card” is the most usable way, because these cards often have my name printed on them, have a number (member number, customer number) and sometimes also an expiry date.
And it is also quickly accessible in the Android App when selecting the “Cards” type.
But I can not hide the entry from the browser plugin.

You see, here are some usability issues that break the work flow.
And forcing the user to create a new entry and copy the data field by field from the old data is also not user friendly.
Yes, this happens only once (or twice), because users will learn.
But under usability aspect, the software must adapt to the user, not the user must adapt to the software.

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