How to generate SSL certificate to static private IP

Hi folks,

I try to deploy bitwarden in my own server using ubuntu platform (self-hosted)
I configure all the stuff using bitwarden self-hosted documentation and using local IP, I deploy bitwarden
But the problem is when I login the bitwarden account it throws the error - An error has occurred this.subtle is null
Further i investigate about the issue then get to know that it’s because of SSL certificate
I try to generate ssl using my static private IP using bitwarden offical documentation, unfortunately it doesnt work
Please can you anyone suggest the procedure about how to generate SSL to static private IP
Thank in advance

Would you be able to provide some further detail with what fails? Was this not able to generate an SSL cert for your private IP, or that the Bitwarden client did not work to connect to it after this?

I was able to find the resources How to generate a self-signed SSL certificate for an IP address | by Dimitri Witkowski | Medium & Self Signed SSL/TLS Certificate with IP Address which detail how to create a self-signed cert for a private IP using OpenSSL.
Though, you will still need to load your certificate chain to your device as detailed, I am not sure if this will work for the Bitwarden client’s to connect with just a hostname/IP.
Feel free to report back though with your findings, hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: