How to enable two-step login for Bitwarden Export function?

In the Bitwarden web application, the “Inactive two-step login” report lists the Bitwarden export function:

I can’t figure out how to enable the two-step login process for the export function. I have two-step login enabled for accessing my vault via the Bitwarded web site. That works as expected. The report seems to indicate there is a separate two-step setup that I must enable for the export function. The “Instructions” link just leads one to the general two-step login instructions.

What am I missing?

Is “Bitwarden Export” a vault entry? If so, this is likely reporting that the URL you have saved for that entry (likely does support two-step login, but you do not have TOTP configured in this particular vault entry.

Yes. It is a vault entry. And yes, the URL is However, this entry is used only for exports where there doesn’t appear to be the possibility of a two-step login. I guess because the URL is, that is why it is being flagged. Should I put a bogus key into the TOTP field just to make this report warning go away?

That, remove the URL or copy the real TOTP secret from your “other” vault entry used to login to the web vault. Or, just ignore it on the report as a false positive.