How to delete my account from this site?

I searched some posts (e.g. this one) and an administrator told to send a private message asking for the deletion. However, I entered his profile and there is no button or link allowing to send a message. How to proceed with the deletion?


I see the message button alright for @tgreer. I wonder if you are not seeing it due to your account’s age. It’s fairly new.

You could go here: Contact | Bitwarden

Could you please send a PM to him so he can take a look at this thread? Your help will be very appreciated!

But will this really work? It seems that this contact form is specific to issues with Bitwarden.

I PM’d you earlier today to confirm deletion @arvore-roxa :sweat_smile:

Let me know and I can handle whatever you need :sunglasses:

Also that form goes to our central ticket system and can be routed to whomever needs to handle the question :+1:

Understood, I replied your PM. Thanks everyone!