How to create a subfolder?

Hi! Please, How do I create a subfolder in Bitwarden?

I am new here, exported yesterday my data from LastPass and have some subfolders ready from that data, but would like to organize my data better. I just do not figure out how to create new subfolders in Bitwarden? In LastPass they looked e.g. like this: Discussion forums/ and under that main catergory e.g. Bitwarden but… here all new folders are like “main folders” and I am unable to create a folder in a main folder.

Tried all I know but do not succeed in that! Please would someone help newbie? Thank you so much! <3

BW call the feature Nested Folders.
To create a nested folder, give a new folder a name that includes the “parent” folder following by a forward slash (/) delimiter, for example Socials/Forums.

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Hi! :slight_smile: Thank you for the link! Please, there is yet something odd that I do not get right!

I would like to have a main folder Shops.
Then under that Shops/a1, Shops/a2, Shops/a3 etc…

Those subfolders will however not go inside the main folder “Shops”, but all of thouse Shops/subfolders remain in the main folderlist.

The earlier once that came from LastPass data will neatly pile under the main folder and there is a little “arrow” from where I am able to get all the subfolders shown. Otherwise they are neatly hidden. And only the main folders will be seen in the list.

When I here in Bitwarden try to add subfolders in that main category “Shops” they will however all be listed and seen all the time altough I have created them like this Shops/a4, Shops/ a5 etc. Only my earliar (in LastPass created subfolders Shop/a1, Shop/a2, … will be hidden in that main category Shops and will be seen, when I open that category by clicking the “arrow”.

What do I do wrong? What do I not get…?

seems to work for me




Thank you! :slight_smile: I got it now I quess! My main folder had plural form and my subfolders were all in singular form without letter “s”! That was why they did not bild a Folder/Subfolder structure! Just a little one letter mistake and it made this major difference! :wink: