How to clear Yahoo "Stay Signed In" checkbox using custom field?

On the Yahoo login page, the checkbox “Stay Signed In” is checked by default. On a different website, I have been able to use a custom field to automatically clear such a checkbox when using auto-fill. However, so far, I have not been successful with doing this on the Yahoo login page.

The checkbox input filed apparently has the name “persistent”, a default value of “y”, and a default state of checked. Thus, I tried using a custom text field with the name “persistent” and the value “n”. Unfortunately, this did not work.

Does anybody with more experience have suggestions for how to clear this box during auto-fill?

I tried everything I could think of, @grb, and I could not get it to work either. Strange.

Perhaps @danmullen will spot this - he is the master of custom fields autofills! :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I’ve had a quick look and can’t get it to uncheck either! I’ll spend a bit more time on it later tonight, see if I can come up with anything.

Thank you both. Look forward to hearing whether @danmullen had any better luck overnight.

I had another look, tried all sorts, but couldn’t get it to untick. There’s a boolean type custom field that I would have thought was made for exactly this type of scenario, but I had no luck getting it working.

Dan – Thank you for taking the time to experiment with this. In the end, not a big deal for my use case. FYI, when I was doing my own tests, I considered the possibility that some custom field configuration might successfully set the state of the Yahoo cookie to the equivalent “persistent=FALSE” (the desired result) even though the check box itself was still displayed as checked. Unfortunately, with the methods I tried, Yahoo did always keep me logged in (in addition to displaying the check mark).