How to bulk remove items from a person's vault?

I am moving from msecure to bitwarden. I stood up Bitwarden on a Raspberry Pi and imported a portion of my records.

When looking at Bitwarden’s import options, I saw that I could import msecure csv so I decided to try about 300 records, web logins. Unfortunately, they didn’t go into the login area, I now have about 300 “folders”. From looking at the entries, its obvious that I need to tweak the csv before importing, but right now I need to be able to remove all of these entries.

How can a person bulk remove these folders? Right now I can only remove a single folder at a time, and it’s really a pain in the hind end. If there is a way to do a bulk remove, I appreciate it.


I found a “Purge Vault”. That solved my issues.

Thank you.


Hi @rosede and welcome to the community.

It’s not unlikely that the format of the export of mSecure has changed since the importer was written. Based on the current mSecure importer, it looks for the folderName in the first column. If you don’t need any folders you could add Unassigned into all cells in the first column. The second columsn seems to be either Web Logins or Login, followed by columns for the credentials (url, username, password).

If those basic changes to the csv do not lead to a successful import, please post a redacted version of the mSecure export. This would help in verifying the issue and possibly adding a fix for future users.

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Thanks for the information. I was able to get the data imported. mSecure recently updated their app and a lot changed, I’m pretty sure that the csv export format changed. It looks a lot different from what I remembered it looked like the last time that I did an export. I was able to figure out what I needed and get the file set up correctly.

I have a few additional questions about Bitwarden, but I’ll post new topics for them.


Hi Daryl, I just signed up our team for Bitwarden, and I have a similar problem that you experienced, in that Bitwarden’s current field mapping for an exported mSecure CSV file is an epic fail on import (fields incorrectly assigned, created a new folder for EVERY record, etc.).

As you obviously know, here is what a record exported from the current version of mSecure looks like (I replaced real data with X’s):

British Airways Executive Club|8889XXXX,Login,Your membership number is: 000934XX,URL|2|,Username|7|[email protected],Password|8|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Were you able to create a working import/mapping for mSecure? I don’t have the know-how to write an Excel function that truncates every field (i.e. the password field is exported as “Password|8|XXXX…” and not just the password) to get it working to BW’s manual conditioning format (unless I want “password|8|” prepended to every password, “username|7|” prepended to every username, etc.). And as I have a LOT of info saved in mSecure (478 records, mostly but not all logins), manual entering or editing is not an option.

Thanks in advance for any help!