How to automate vault -> organization?

I’m a premium subscriber, mainly because I want to help fund the app. But I really, really wish the plans/subscriptions made more sense. My problem: My wife and I have one organization in our shared account, and we want to be able to immediately see all the logins that each of us has created. But when I create a new login, it’s in my own Vault. I have to go to the BW control panel and move it to our Organization before she can see it. Is there some way to make this all automatic?

Hello @Costero and welcome to the community,

When creating a login you should see an option for OwnershipWho owns this item?
This can be set to your shared organization when creating the entry.

There is a current feature request to set a default vault save location, so feel free to throw a vote that way if you’d like.
Hope that helps

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