How to Add Items

Pardon me if this is a bonehead question, but how do I add an item? I’m brand-new to BW and think I’ve added at least one, then I saw a generated password but couldn’t tell if that would be for my newest entry (which is my bank). Nothing on the generated password screen showed it associated to my entry … hopefully I just need help with this first item!

Thanks is advance.

What BW client do you use? Mobile, Desktop, Browser’s extension or Web vault? Password generator is independent function and doesn’t create or update passwords in your vault - you have to manually copy-paste it to appropriate account and save

See this article. If you need more help, just put a comment or refer the documentation at

On the mobile client, tap on the plus button in logins to add an item.
In the desktop client press the plus button, which should be located down.

Here are some videos