How Simple? don't want much

Simply stated “I want a vault”… currently I keep numerous passwords (and none at all auto populate anything at all, not interested in something autopopulating from my desktop, I DO NOT use many passwords off my mobile (android) phone at all, just about never) in an application more like a ‘contact manager’ than a vault. It is a weak link and I need to decide on a vault. So IF ALL I want to do is store passwords in a secure environment (vs anything else fancy AND I DO NOT WANT SOME APP trying to change my passwords to something ‘more secure’ - that cannot be automated? Is it?) is BitWarden compatible with those needs? Very much appreciate input. Thank you.

Hi Roger, can you provide more detail on what you are looking for? If you’re looking for a secure vault to store your credentials, without using any auto-filling capabilities, you can absolutely do that.

That’s about it… store passwords in a secure app as a fall back… I would only want to recover if my main system went down. So “secure” and “recoverable” would cover it? Thanks

Thanks Roger, Bitwarden can store and you can export vault data at any time. Does that answer your question, or is there something specific that you are looking for?

Yeah, so the ‘export’ is to your servers (I intend to buy the individual basic app)… off mine, cloud?

You can export a backup of your vault to a file. You would then store this file the way you would any other sensitive document, e.g. an encrypted USB stick, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, etc. Optionally, you can encrypt the backup file using your master password.

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Any modern password manager can do what you ask. None of them are going to try to change your passwords or fill in a web login if you don’t ask them to. For your very modest needs, I think you will also probably find more settings and options than you need in any password manager as well, since typical user wants a little more than you.

Allowing the password manager to fill the login credentials can be more secure than typing them in yourself, since it protects against phishing / man-in-the-middle attacks (the password manager won’t fill in the credentials if you are not on the site that you have listed for these credentials).

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Thank you one and all. I have downloaded Bit and will begin to use it. Appreciate the input.
Everyone had a ‘solution’… wasn’t a hard question ;^) thank you.

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