How removing items from shared folders?

How can I remove an item from all shared collections? Intuitively I thought that I just untick all collections, but I get the error message: You must select at least one collection.

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You can’t “unshare” items in Bitwarden. Hopefully you didn’t “share” too many, as the process is tedious to rectify that.

  1. Go to the organization’s vault.
  2. Go to the item you want to “unshare” and click on the gear from the right of it.
  3. Choose the option to “Clone” from the dropdown.
  4. In the clone window, you should scroll down to “Who owns this item?”, and from there you ca select the organizations that can clone it to, but also your email. You should choose your email in order to put a clone of that item in your vault.
  5. Once you confirm that the item is now in your vault without the share icon, you can proceed to delete the “shared” item from the organization.
  6. Go to the trash folder of the organization and delete the now trashed shared item to completely remove it.

All this is assuming that you have the right to clone (or clone to your own vault). If you don’t have this right, you’ll have to manually copy the credentials inside a new item in your own vault… and this is again assuming that you have the right to see the credentials. This also assumes that you have the right to delete items from the organization you are part of.

If you have many items shared, I believe you could export the organization’s vault if you have the rights to it, then bring them into your own vault. This also means that you will export all the credentials from the organization, credentials which you may not be the “owner” of, and you would probably not want, then you will import inside your vault and will have to deal with them as well.

The “Collections” option only moves items within the organization.
The “Move” option only moves items inside your vault.


Talks about this has been ongoing for several years. I’m evaluating Bitwarden, and also missing this option. The above steps with clone does not work for me, clone is not available for the shared item.
Other thread: Add unshare option


That is exactly what I have been doing until now. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier way to unshare items.


I added my vote…

Thanks @Mihai-MCW, That’s clarified how to unshare. What a shame it isn’t easier.

There are still a couple of gotcha’s though … as @9elsen discovered.

In the ‘My Vault’ page, the dropdown next to the shared items does not have a ‘clone’ option. To make a clone you first need to navigate to the Organization Vault. (Click the name of the Organization RHS of the ‘My Vault’ page. The Organization Vault page has the clone option on the items dropdowns.

Another gotcha is to do with the export function. If, like me, you are safety conscious/extremely paranoid and want to take a backup of your vault. Export is the way to go… but it seems that any items that have been shared are now owned by an organization and consequently don’t get exported.

So in order to capture all your vault items you need to also do an export from the Organization Vault… BUT take care to click the correct button!!
The Export function is found under the Tools menu. On the Organization Vault page there are two menu bars, the top one relates to ‘My Vault’, the lower one relates to the Organization Vault. Click the lower one, obviously… duhhh. I speak from the frustration of clicking the wrong one.

This may all seem obvious but I hope this might save someone some trouble.

  • Jerry

I share a large number of passwords with my wife, and this process for unsharing passwords is tedious at best. If I have admin privilege, why can I not just remove a password from all Collections. Please add this feature!

I agree with this. Organization owner or admin needs the option to remove items from all collections. Also an option to change owner would be nice, and achieve a similar result.

But at least there’s a delete option, which helps.

i see a lot of comments to add this feature, but I also see why this feature is not needed because one can assume if 2 people share a password, they must trust each other. I don’t really see a way to not trust each other anymore…

if it comes to it, the org owner simply need to clone then delete the single item shared. Simple. :slight_smile:

It is not only about trust, in a family you might want to share a password short term, then remove it again simply to keep things clean in the other members list of passwords.
What you say is not possible, the admin cannot clone and assign ovnership to anybody else than himself or the org.
All of this cannot happen from a mobile phone, which is a primary device for any member in my family at least.
I understand that Bitwarden is grown out of a business context, where usecases may be different, but they market themselves also for families.

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