How many attempts, master password

Does anyone know how many attempts you have of entering your master password before it locks or is it just indefinite. I can still log into my account via Touch-ID and roughly know what the password is but I don’t want to try if it means I will lock it Touch-ID no longer works.


@Wicklywoo Welcome! As far as I know, it’s unlimited…

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@Nat Thanks for your quick reply :grinning:, I’ll give it a go and if there are limits then hopefully the program will mention “you have … attempts left”.


Why should it do that? This would only make sense if there would be an alternative for the Master Password. But there is no alternative.

@Peter_H Thanks for replying. “Why should it do that?”. I don’t think it should but programmers are strange people and I don’t know how the code is written so with any luck you are right.

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