How long does Bitwarden kept their backups?

In recent of Lastpass breach, their stated in the PDF that their kept their backups for up to 3 months, which mean If you delete your account your vault will still be in their system for maximum of 3-4 months.

But I can’t find smilar document of how long or how many does Bitwarden kept backups, there are Reddit thread recently but comments are saying “assuming backup are forever” which didn’t help.

Thank you.

Are you sure because one of the big unknowns is that Lastpass are not telling us what data has been taken?

I read it from this PDF on their website.
Under 3.5. Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Availability

backup will keep the first backup of a week for four weeks and the first backup of each month for three months as an additional safety feature

But I understand your concern that LastPass kinda untrustworthy right now.

The closet information I’ve found about Bitwarden is their backups are manage by Azure Cloud on this webpage.

Yes. One of the reasons I bailed on them is the slow-drip of bad news. Who knows what the next disclosure will be?

I should have made the move a long time ago. I am very happy with Bitwarden so far.

Exactly my rationale for leaving LastPass and my experience with Bitwarden, so far. In fact, I am preferring Bitwarden for a number of reasons including a saved login file can also contain 2FA code and attachments and the desktop, extension, and iOS apps are cleaner and better designed.

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That’s their policy. I wouldn’t assume they were enforcing it. LastPass seems like a bit of a mess now. Only third party published audits should be relied on to confirm if they were adhering to their own backup schedule.

Bitwarden’s backup policy and their published audits should confirm their practice. They have a Network Security audit posted for every year the last few years.