How does 2FA modifies the encryption?

Hello everybody,

In our company, we discussed the use of the 2FA in bitwarden. We will surely use this function, but there is a question regarding the encryption strength when using 2FA.
Does the second factor improve the encryption strengh of our password safe. For example, how secure is a password safe with a password ‘a’ and a Yubikey against BruteForce?

Thank you in advance

Hi @matcha - the short answer to your question is that enabling two-step login in Bitwarden does not affect the encryption of your vault contents in any way. It is merely an imposed requirement to authenticate with Bitwarden servers before they will permit you to download the vault data. It is very effective because it blocks attackers from accessing your encrypted vault in the cloud before they have a chance to brute force the encryption on your vault. A common scenario would be using 2FA to harden your security against phishing attacks: even if a malicious actor were to obtain your Bitwarden password, they could not gain access to your vault without possessing the Yubikey device registered with your account.


Okay, thank you!