How do I override the casal insensitivity of the identifier-matcher of custom fields?

Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help Center explains that the current matcher is case-insensitive. However, for, I need email for the login form, and Email for the contact-us form, of which a different e-mail address is necessary for each.

Consequently, I ask how to ensure that the matching is sensitive to the case of what identifies each form?

Not sure where the contact us form is, but if it’s on a particular page, you could create a separate vault entry that only matches that exact URL.

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@danmullen, that is inadequate, because that would necessitate duplication of a significant amount of information. However, I am thankful for your solution.

If I mark your comment as a solution (because it certainly is one, even if obviously inadequate for all except the most important of situations) shall this thread not be presented as much as it otherwise would?

I don’t think it will affect the visibility (after all, the forum would want users to find solutions to problems), although there may be fewer responses going forward. If you want to further make your case for why the proposed work-around is inadequate, perhaps the best thing to do is to post a Feature Request, maybe with a link to this thread.