How do I move a log in into a folder?

I have created my first folder. I have several log ins I want to move to the folder. I cannot figure out how. I have tried to drag them over but they won’t go in. If I click the “+” sign in the folder, it only allows me to create a new log in, which I don’t want to do.

Am I missing something?


Hi @NCRT and welcome to the community,

You could edit each item individually and select the appropriate Folder needed if you are using the Desktop app as I see you have tagged #app:desktop

Though the easiest method for this if you have multiple items to move into an existing Folder would be to use the web-vault at to move items.
As shown in a recent post you can use the web-vault to bulk select items then use the → Move selected option instead to move them to a folder, rather than in the example which shows to → Move selected to organization

Thank you! It worked!

Also meant to mention regarding this section, there is a current feature request for this type of “drag and drop” functionality. If this is something you would like to vote for you can add your support for the feature.