How do I keep my master password active

How do I keep my master password on my iPad “ active” so that I don’t have to keep typing it in whenever I change to a different website?
I realize that I should have to initially put it in when I go to my first website, but after that?


Try “settings>vault timeout” and see what that says.

It says 30 minutes

I don’t have an ipad, but try the following on mines.

Vault Timeout = immmediately
Vault Timeout Action = Lock

Toggle unlock with Pin code, the screen ask “Do you want to require unlocking with master password when application is restarted” Press No.

Re-enable biometrics (I am assuming there is non on your ipad, if not, then skip this step).

It is important to set the vault timeout to lock. I think it forces you to login if you logout.