How do I get rid of pre-BitWarden PWs?

Hi, Newbie question here. I’ve set up my Vault, so now sites I used to access have new PWs generated by BitWarden. But I find I can also still login to those sites using the old PWs, which kinda defeats the purpose! What do I need to do?? TIA for help!

If you can log in using two passwords then you have two accounts (with different username or email identifiers).

I think you’ll have to visit those sites and deactivate the account you don’t want. If you have a lot of sites like that, you might want to keep track of which ones you’ve addressed. Bitwarden notes field might be a place to help keep track of that.

This is not a BW issue, but rather a site issue. However; some initial thoughts on the matter:

Do you have browsers to these sites open and have “old” cookies/passwords saved on those browsers? If you change a password and then log out when you attempt to log back in ONLY the new password should work obviously. Make sure all instances of those sites are closed and logged out with browser cookies flushed out. Then try again and come back and let us know if you need more help.

In my entire life I have never experienced what you are describing.