How do I expand the browser popup to full width on secure notes?

Feature name

  • Full width (or wider) toggle for viewing secure notes

Feature function

  • Allow the user to expand width of secure note while viewing - to allow larger content display.

I currently use LastPass, but am actively working on switching to BW due to both lastpass’s terrible responsiveness to bugs, and their upcoming change to lock free users to single device. (I’m paying $48/year for teams, but family members are using free plan, and are going to be impacted.)

I frequently use LP Secure Notes as a place to save admin scripts, code snippets, etc. such that they are readily available to me (and in some cases shared to others in team/organization), some with credentials, some just as reference info. With LP, I can click to expand the width of the display for larger items, with BW the size of the window is limited and can’t be expanded.

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Disregard, the ability to pop out the browser plugin addresses this nicely, and is actually even better functionality!


Glad that worked for you! I edited the topic and added to our support section just in case anyone else needs to find this :sunglasses:

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I will add to this though that the ‘pop out’ function isn’t available while an item/note is displayed. That might be a nice small feature improvement – to be able to pop out while an existing item is being shown.