How can I remove subdomains and "www."s from imported vault item's names?


I imported passwords from chrome and most of the vault items named beginning with “www.” or other subdomain like “login.” & “sign.”

Can I somehow easily remove these beginnings quickly to show them properly in alphabet order? It’s hundreds of items.

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Well i think this is the case in many imports when there is no name field specifed in the login entries of the import file, so the url is taken as the name instead.
Though the entries does appear to be sorted according to the alphabets of the username after sorting it by the domain name.
The only way i think this could be changed at large scale is by making some changes in the csv file by adding a “name” column to it and adding the username or the top domain name of the entry for its values.
Maybe you could use text-to-colmuns feature in excel to separate the domains but i don’t know if it would really make a difference.
Refer the following article to know how to condition your csv -

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Thanks for your answer

I’d suggest exporting your vault to an unencrypted JSON file (it’s more complete than CSV exports), then use a text editor to replace every ‘www.’ with blank and then reimport that modified JSON file to Bitwarden.

If you want to remove ‘www’ just from names and not from uris, you could replace [“name”: "www.] with [“name”: "] (without the brackets).

Make sure to save an unchanged copy of the JSON file before you change anything and generally, be careful.

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