How can I persuade BW to only show logins for a file path, not the top level domain?

I often interact with “journal manager” websites, such as, which provide services related to a number of different academic journals.
So, for example, if I need to submit or check my submissions to Australasian Journal of Philosophy I’d go to If to British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, I’d go to [same TLD]/bjps, etc. (Sorry, I can only add two links to this post :sweat_smile:)

I’d like Bitwarden to only show me only logins pertaining to the file path I’m currently visiting (/rajp, or /bjps, which BW knows about, because it stores them as URIs together with the passwords), and not the whole top-level domain. Is this possible?


Set the URI matching method to Exact. In the browser extension, click the gear icon to the right of the URI, which will bring up a dropdown menu from which you can select the matching method.

More information is available here:

Thank you. This does work, but it needs to be done for every login sharing the same TLD, right? If I just change the one I’m currently in (say,, the other* logins will still appear as options.

I would suggest you set your URI matching to Starts With for each journal’s URL path, then all URLs within the initial path of the site will match. You will have to do this for every journal that you work with.

Unfortunately, though, if you want to also store credentials that match the entire top-level domain, you will see two matches for every journal you visit on the website: one match for the journal’s credentials (via the Starts With match) and one ‘global’ match for the TLD. But this might be where you could explore using the Exact matching scheme for the TLD - I suspect there are a limited number of login URLs that you need access to that aren’t associated with journals, so you can isolate those with Exact matches and separate those credentials from matching with each journal’s URL path. Geez - I hope that explanation makes sense!

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If you have different login credentials (username/password combinations) for each journal, then create a different login item for each journal. In each login item, you can store the URL with the match detection method set to Starts With (or, my own preference, store the URLs for the login page and for the password change page, with match detection set to Exact).

On the other hand, if you have a single consolidated login account for all journals that use ManuscriptCentral for their peer review process, then you should just have a single login item for the URL with the match detection option left on its default setting (which is Base Domain, unless you have deliberately modified the default). In that case, there is no major benefit in adding the specific URLs for the individual journal sites.

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Thank you @grb and @dh024! This has tangibly improved my life :slight_smile:

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Today I learned a new word :slight_smile:

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