How break overwriting data in unneeded fields via Bitwarden browser extension?

Bitwarden browser extension successfully autofill login&password fields on website login widget, but it also autofill (with rewriting stored data) not needed fields on other website pages (CMS admin panel, eg Drupal)!

For example, when I go to other user edit page, Bitwarden browser extension replace his login and password to my credentials! If I forgot this, it will rewrite other user password to my!

So, I must lock Bitwarden extension before open those pages, and unlock after - this is very annoying!

Is there any ways stop Bitwarden browser extension to fill fields on unneeded pages? Something like blacklist rules by field xpath?

Solution for this problem may be adding “never” regular extension, like this:
1 rule: Never regular expression: .**/edit
2 rule: Match regular expression: .**