Hosting Bitwarden on DSM and forgot Master Password - help

Hello and I hope you can help me.

I have been hosting Bitwarden on my Sinology NAS quite happily for some years now and found it very valuable.

Using iOS and iPadOS on apple devices has made it very simple to copy the passwords by authenticating through FaceID.

However today I have got a new device that needs the Master password and I cannot get it correct. I think I remember changing it, but and now stuck.

Does anyone know how to retrieve the master password from a device that still has access (iPad) or at least reset it?

Many thanks,


I’m guessing that you’re actually using Vaultwarden, in which case you would have to seek support from the Vaultwarden community, not here.

Nonetheless, I believe your only option is to attempt to brute force guess your password using the key hash stored in your data.json file. You can read a little about how that might be done here: