Highlight shared items (using color)

Since private and shared items are displayed in the same lists it is too difficult to tell them apart. It would be nice to assign a color to an organization and colorize the item or at least the little shared icon in this color.

This would help users to distinguish not only whether an item is their own but also which organization it belongs to.

Yes, it’s true. I will also like to see that.

Yes please, we need this!
Having one private, one family and one company vault sucks when everyone has, for example, a paypal account in it and every account is named “PayPal” in the vaults.
Differentiate them by color would help a lot.

Every shared item already has this little box after the title, coloring just this box would be enough for now.

So the post from tobias is from 2019, is this still the correct place for feature request? Because there was no reaction from the bitrwarden team.