✅ Hide section with cards on popup "Current Tab" page


I created tested (nonexisting) card in Bitwarden for Chrome. I noticed that this card is shown on any tab of browser. Can I hide block of cards and find it only via search?

The text before was copied from here. I was recommend to create feature request on this forum here.

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Currently, bitwarden shows all cards (credit cards, etc.) in the browser UI panel for every site.

I would like to see that as an optional behavior. It seems to slow down bitwarden and clutter the UI.

Quick off the top of my head ideas: Perhaps the “Cards” section could be expandable (and only loaded when expanded) or be accessed via a button on the bottom row near “My Vault”.

I’m using a real card, and it gives me the tingels seeing it there all the time. An option to hide the section would be ace!

Agreed with the guys above, this would be great - for cards and identities as well, at least as an option.

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I would really like to be able to hide / show specific cards from this section. If I have 15 cards in my vault, but only use one or two of them, I don’t want to see 15 cards showing up in that cards section.

Maybe an option to only show “Favorite” cards would be nice and scaleable.


Totally agreed!

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Agreed. It bugs me not only that my card(s) show up in the extension “Tab” window at all times, but also that card(s) never show up in the right-click context menu. I may convert my cards to secure notes, or just not store them in BW at all, just so they don’t show up all the time. I only want to see what’s relevant to the current web page.

Ideally, BW would detect a credit card form on a page and only display it then like other pw managers do, but I imagine that’s a separate feature request.

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I completely agree with isleshocky77. Show/hide for specific cards, perhaps based on ‘favorite’ would be great. For now I workaround by storing my less frequently used cards as secure notes so they don’t show up. This is a terrible workaround. :slight_smile:

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Yes I definately agree. Cards should be hidden from this dropdown menu. Even favorite cards should only be visible if the form on the web page is asking for card detailS.

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Is this request still open? I’m a new user and I absolutely want to hide Cards from the default view. I never want to see them unless I search for them.

I found a “workaround” for this case. I just create a secured note. All records in this note are hidden. So I don’t see cards anymore now.

An option to hide Cards and/or Identities from the “Current Tab” page will be available in the next version of the browser extension under Settings -> Options.

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