Hide password

i am using at the moment lastpass and i am looking for a new solution.
there i need to see the password in clear text.
Is there also a option so not everybody on the computer does see the passwords?

@Frank_F Welcome to the forum!

Why don’t you just create a free Bitwarden account and do some testing to get a feel for how it works?

By default, all passwords are hidden fields and displayed as ●●●●●●●●.

yes, i allready did install bitwarden.
as soon i klick on the eye icon i can see the password but that is not very secure.

Not sure how to put this tactfully, but in that case… maybe avoid toggling the :eye: icon when there are other people around?

You vault will need to be Logged in as well as in an Unlocked state for this to be toggled for view.
For additionally sensitive items, you can also select to protect them with the Master password re-prompt feature as well.

There is also a community request you can vote for to voice your opinion, towards for some improvements into the feature that I understand the team is looking to implement in the near future to help polish out the option.