Hide notes on item view

Feature name

  • Hide notes on item view (first time)

Feature function

  • Problem
    You may store confidential (extra) data in the “notes” section of your password. For instance, I save my Txn PIN in my note. So if I’m only seeing the item, notes should be hidden or disabled & must require a master password to view (if enabled).

  • Solution
    Sometimes, we are accidentally showing our vault details to our friends/colleagues. So in that case, if the above feature is approved, will be great firewall :fire:

Related topics + references

I agree. I want the ability to toggle the visibility of notes (hide by default). I often use this section to save the security questions and answers that some login systems use.

Yes please. I came here from LastPass and all my imported notes are now visible in the browser extension to anyone who gains access to my computer. I have security question answers and access codes, as users here have mentioned.

Added to this, the way LastPass works is that to actually see the password characters you have to enter your master password again. This is how notes should work as well.

For this I use “hidden” custom fields.
For details see here: Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

Hidden custom fields help, but I also have various instances where I need to type a paragraph or two. Those custom fields seem to only allow one-liners.