Hide master password on submission

One thing I would like to see across the board is that when you submit your master password the input field is automatically hidden again.

If you make your password visible to fix error for example on submit the password stays visible while decryption takes place.

I think on all platforms on submit the password should immediately be hidden again.

The show hide icon does not work during decryption.

Firstly, I was unsure to create an issue or ask here before. So if you prefer the former, I can also do that.
I probably have set the Encryption key settings for my vault a bit too strong, which means on weaker machines, unlocking might take up to a couple of seconds. But I am completely fine with that.
The only problem I noticed, is that if the master password is set to be visible while unlocking, it stays visible during the whole process. The Toggle visibility button does not work while unlocking and the UI is unresponive. This might be seen as rather opinionated, but I think it should be set to be hidden before unlocking. In most cases, unlocking is probably fast enough that you won’t notice it anyway.

I have only noticed this on the desktop clients on Windows 10 and Kubuntu 22.04, but never tested it anywhere else (browser, etc.).

Admittedly, I rarely use Toggle visibility, but still, is there a way to hide during unlock, that I am not seeing?

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I have moved your post into the relevant Feature Request thread. I also modified the original topic title of this thread to be more descriptive (was: “Hide password after submit”).

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