Help with turning off codes

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I need assistance with being able to get around two factor authentication codes without having access to backup codes. I am logged into the web browser with my account and can access my passwords normally but I could not for whatever reason get the mobile app to log in because it’s asking for a 6 digit code for an authenticator app that I do not currently have access to.

Hello if you have access to the webvault and know your master password I would highly recommend the first thing you do to export an unencrypted .json backup of your Vault.

If you do not have access to your 2FA codes, and dk not have access to your backup codes, the only other option would be if you possibly set up another 2FA method such as email.
Barring this I do not believe Bitwarden support can assist much, but I would recommend contacting their support as well just in case.

Past this, once you have a backup you can delete your account as a final option and import from the backup, note some items will not carry over in the export if you have attachments etc.

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I can log back into my device that I desperately need my passwords on. I work from home doing IT I’ve had LastPass forever. I tried bitwarden when LastPass started charging and now I’m regretting it. i’m logged into the browser extension…Phone that has the authenticator on it