Help with non-default ports settings

I have installed BW docker on VPS. As my website is using Letsencrypt certificates, I purchased SSL for BW and changed the ports of BW to 81:444.

It works. I can access it using So far it is OK.


  1. When I click to “Verify Email Address Now” button in the email, the browser goes to
    If I manually correct the URL by replacing www to bw and add :444 after the domain, BW verifies correctly.
  2. I cannot also access admin page. As soon as I write the BW link with trailing /admin, the browser goes to mydomain’s web page which gives 404.

Both problems seem result of wrong port configuration.

Ports in config.yml are correct. Is there any other configuration for the ports? Should I also add :444 following the domain parts in global.override.env?

I would appreciate any help.

Hello @sse450,

it seems you have a similar problem with the following:

Why don’t you use a reverse proxy, it will make your life much easier. Your domain then would look like: instead of

After all it does not scale well. If you have many services as I do, you will need a portmanager app (like bitwarden for passwords) to remember which service is where.
I can help you with hat :slight_smile:.

As in the previous thread it seems that there is a bug in the code that won’t consider different ports except the defaults. For that you could create an issue report on github.