Help with folders

When I click on an item in my vault it takes me to the site. However it does not fill in the user name or password. Am I doing something wrong? If so help me!


You can turn on autofill in the Bitwarden options, but it’s off by default. Go to Settings > Options > Enable Autofill on Page Load:


Without autofill turned on, when you’re presented with a login form and you’ve saved credentials for that site in your vault, you can either click on the Bitwarden extension icon to fill in your credentials, or use the keyboard shortcut [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L.


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Did you install the bitwarden plugin for your browser? If you just opened the bitwarden vault website, it’s not possible to pass username and password directly to the freshly opened website.

You’ll need a browser plugin, or if on android, the bitwarden app which can send credentials to the browser…

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