[HELP] How can I recovery organization items on my password library

I was only going to delete my organization, but instead of deleting the content of my password library…
I have a json encrypted backup but also doesn’t works
please help!! i’m desperate图像 1

Hi @erice9696 - so sorry to hear about your recent mishap.

I am guessing from the error message you showed that you didn’t just delete the contents of your vault, but rather, you deleted the entire account - is that the case?

No, i only just delete my organization , but still delete my organization and my password library items
why doesn’t move to recycle bin…
Can any way to recovery my lost items? thanks
My operate only this account.

The Organization vault does have a “recycle bin” type trash where entries are placed after being deleted. Unfortunately an entire vault or organization vault does not place these into your trash as this action deletes the entire vault with all entries.
I believe this is why these options can only be done by the organization owner, and deleting a vault is located in the “Danger Zone” of the account settings, with multiple warnings that advise “These actions are irreversible.”

It seems Bitwarden by design, with security first in mind does not “soft delete” any items according to their support page, it may also be worth some time to review over some of the documentation when any questions come up as I find it to be breadth with knowledge and an invaluable resource whenever I have a question regarding something unknown.
You may still try to reach our to their official support to see what, if anything else can be done that I may be unaware of.

Organizations also have their own encryption keys and are not the same as or interchangeable with a personal vault’s encryption keys.
As I understand, currently the encrypted backup option in Bitwarden uses the account’s encryption key, and so cannot simply be uploaded into another personal vault or organization. The encrypted export can only be re-uploaded back to the same original account that the backup was exported from, so long as you haven’t rotated your encryption key either