Having problem with ATT.COM website

I’m having a problem with signing on to ATT’s bill pay web page. My URL, ID and Password are all correct and when I go to that site and use the Bitwarden browser extension and attempt to autofill the LogonID and Password fields, only the password field gets populated. It doesn’t matter if I’m using my default Brave browser or Microsoft’s Edge browser. To logon I have to copy and paste the LogonID and I’d much rather be able to Autofill. I’ve deleted and recreated the entry in Bitwarden so I’m stumped as to what the issue is with the Logonid. Has anyone run into this and solved this?

Hi @Moondoggy - it sounds like you have encountered a web page with a non-standard login form, so Bitwarden is unable to match your credentials to the field on the forms.

You should be able to solve this by creating a custom field for your credentials, and Bitwarden makes this very easy to do. Here are a few articles to help you out:

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Thanks for the info. I think that part of the issue is that ATT was changing their page as before you had the option of saving the LogonID or not through a check box but when I went to add the custom field, the most current page, the LogonID field has an option to edit the field and add your ID. Once entered, when you render a new screen thru Bitwarden the field is prefilled with your ID so Bitwarden only has to fill the password field. Thanks for the info though as I’m sure I’ll run into another strange non-standard field.