GUI enhancements. Sticky sidebar?

Coming from keepass, I struggle with navigating in Bitwarden. This also means that I am a relatively new user, so maybe it already exists some solutions or some of them already is in the roadmap?

For our enterprise, we imported thousands of passwords. This created a lot of collections. Navigating in the collections list is hard and not user-friendly.

All collections are default open, so the list is loooong. The sidebar-width, indentation and icons also makes it hard to navigate. If the collections-tree is deep, the text breaks on a new line. All this just makes the sidebar mushy column of text… and I don’t have any accessibility-issues (that I know of :smiley: )

My typical pattern of use is:

  1. I need a password. Don’t know the name/title or what to search for, or it’s to generic like “admin” that gives a longer list than the collections.
  2. I start to look in the different collections.
  3. Give up and try to search, but then I searched in a collection I have selected, which I always forget and I start looking through the collections again.

At this moment I have scrolled a lot up and down, searched for different things and maybe used several of minutes to find just one password. And if I find the right password by searching, like a server login. I probably need other password for the database or applications on that server as well, that are located in the same collection. But there is no way to navigate from an item I found by search to the collection it’s located in?

Maybe I’m not use to the workflow in Bitwarden yet, but I think there is a lot of simple improvements that can be implemented that are more logical.

So here is my wish-list for feature enhancements:

  1. Set the sidebar as sticky, so I always see the items in the collection without scrolling up and down.
  2. Search in the sidebar should search the sidebar itself. E.g. search for a collection. Collections can show/hide while I search. Now I have to use the browser-search all the time.
  3. Move search for passwords in the top-bar or on the center-content.
  4. Make all collections collapsed as default.
  5. Better UI in the sidebar. Make it easier to distinguish between parent/child objects. Maybe have an option for other icons, more space, etc… This will also make it simpler on a touch display.
  6. Not sure about this, but maybe a switch to show all child passwords when clicking on a collection, so I don’t have to navigate down a deep tree-structure.
  7. Navigate from an item to it’s collection or find similar passwords somehow. Maybe tagging? But tagging all our elements now would be a big job.