GUI addition - Password "age" at a glance via colors - dashes perhaps

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Traffic light password age

  • On the GUI, when you click on vault (any vault) you will see a list of logins. On the list= display a traffic light patter such as a green circle/dot/asterisk or other symbol. Green for = changed in the last 90 days, yellow between 91 and 365 days and red for more than 365 days. At a glance you will see which passwords have been changed recently or not.

Feature function

  • At a glance it will allow users to know if the password has not been changed recently
  • Benefit: allow people to know if the password is a risk from a breach - such as it just has happened with lastpass and they imported their vault from them, it will allow individuals to change those which may fall in the affected time frame first or for any break from any other site)
  • If enabled in all clients it will allow a visual inspection on any device even mobile.

Related topics + references

  • Example: thousands of people migrated from last pass - like me- and I now have 300+ passwords. I am almost done changing them but it would have helped a great deal to know which were over a year old to change those first.

— Additionally it will signal users to go to those sites and also change the security questions - which they may have saved in lastpass as well so when that is eventually broken it has changed on the sites they were used.
– It can also help users know to change teh QR codes they used for 2FA - I saved a copy in the lastpass vault as well.

  • I have not seen this before.