Group "Exposed password", "Reused password", and "Weak password" lists by password

I, sadly, have much password reuse still, and without grouping by password, the premium checks are almost unusable. I expect I’ll have some duplication for a while – sometimes, it’s because I haven’t configured BitWarden to understand two sites are the same, and for some sites, I don’t really care if a hacker gains access to them.

I would love it if I could use the checks to prioritize fixing my mess.

Ideally, I’d prefer all of these to be combined into one check. I’d like to see a list sorted first by whether the password is exposed, then by whether it’s weak, then by number of reuses. So, there would be a single check that results in a list like the following:

Security Checkup

2 sites using the same EXPOSED and very weak password (probably use red instead of caps)

(Button to reveal the password)

3 sites using the same weak password

(Button to reveal the password)

  • site1
  • site2
  • site3

Unique passwords

  • site4 is using a very weak password (button to reveal it)
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