Grid View, more screenspace and divider options

5 min mock-up using some lastpass visuals. This is an example, don’t take it too seriously.

  1. Make icons easier to view with a grid view. Visuals are faster than words.

  2. And please use more screenspace. Right now everything is in a list that’s hard to see and search, use what space you have to make it faster for me to get to my data.

  3. If I’m viewing all items if you could break up like-items with a divider that would be nice or give me the option as a filter. Seeing a long list of items just feels disorganized to me, if I don’t remember exactly what that site did (Which is often the case as I test a lot of tools, having a way to have everything divided is nice. I know I can go through all the folders along the side but it does require extra steps on my side).

I’m not saying we should get rid of list view, I just think having a more visual option would be nice too.

I would post more pictures but I’m a new user.