Google thinks my Bitwarden domain is dangerous

I followed the instructions on Bitwarden’s website and deployed Bitwarden in a docker container on a Linux host.
I set up an account on Duck DNS in order to have the domain point back to Bitwarden from outside.

At the very end of the process I got a message: “Bitwarden is up and running!” and I ran the command “sudo docker ps” and everything is showing as “healthy.”

Internally when I browse to my “vault” Google gives me a warning that I’m going to a dangerous site and if I “visit the unsafe site” it says “The site can’t be reached.”

If I try to browse to this outside my network it says “The site can’t be reached.” from the start.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, do you use the word Bitwarden in the top level domain? This often gets flagged by users who think it may be malicious.

I’ve just now spooled Bitwarden up using the instructions at

When I try this step: “Congratulations! Bitwarden is now up and running at . Visit the web vault in your web browser to confirm that it’s working.” is where I get the malicious site warning.

I’m replacing the URL in the instructions with the URL for my vault.

I think what dwbit was saying was that if any of the words in your vault URL contain the word “bitwarden”, then it is common for the domain to end up on a blacklist (because it makes it look like it could be a phishing site).

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