Google suddenly blocking my self hosted instance as a "deceptive site"

Hi all,

Been using a self hosted instance for months and very happy with it. However today google is suddenly blocking my self hosted instance as they think it’s a deceptive site.
This is stopping the browser plugin in both chrome and firefox. (Seems firefox us google for blocking?) It’s also blocking me going to the URL, I can override this in firefox so I can get to my passwords, otherwise I would be stuck.

I have done the report “this is not a phishing site”.

Has anyone else had this issue?
If so how did you fix it?

I have a proper fully signed ssl cert and a domain I own, so no idea why they have decided to flag this, but very irritating.



Ok, digging deeper it seems suddenly that google don’t like that I use split DNS. So I run pihole and for internal users they get the local 192.x.x.x address for all my sites. I see that as of this morning all my sites are getting this internally.

So nothing to do with bitwarden. Still if you know how to stop google doing this I’m all ears :slight_smile: