Global password generator history

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Global password generator history

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So you already have the password history on the generator, and that’s good enough IF you don’t log out of the account/uninstall the browser/reinstall your computer. The global password generator history function would theoretically save up to 20 (or more) generated passwords across all logged devices so that you won’t get screwed if you don’t hit the “Save” button.

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    Let’s say, you make an account on the Mega cloud storage website, but you forgot to click “Save” when bitwarden asked you for a password AND you didn’t back up the recovery key. In this instance, you’re screwed, since Mega won’t recover your password just by clicking “I forgot the password”. Now this can be pretty bad, but if you generated your password on the browser you’re in and you didn’t log off or reinstall yada yada, you’re fine.

But now, let’s say you just made that account to back up your files from your computer because you’re going to reinstall it and you’re out of memory drives and, as said previously, forget to click “Save” and you don’t backup that Recovery file. All would be dandy, except it’s not, since you’re reinstalling the computer, that generator password history is lost, so all of your files are lost as well.

This is an event with a low chance of actually happening, but it happened to one of my friends, so it CAN actually happen :confused: