Getting started: Firefox [error], Google Smart Vault [yes or no]

I signed for a bitwarden account and downloaded apps for android and osx.
I can’t start using Bitwarden because I am not able to import my passwords from:

  1. Firefox
    I get this error
    Ciphers[1].Login: The field Password exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of 1000 characters.

  2. Google smart Vault

Any Help?
Is there a way to import these logins?

This thing?

On item 1. see Search Results | Bitwarden Help & Support to start with.

On 2. I have no idea what a Google smart vault is. Smart isn’t a word I normally associate with Google though.

Here is the exact link to solve this issue: Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thanks everyone!

Importing pw from firefox was easy; you just have to trim the first row…

Google Smart Vault… is the way Google stores credentials from your android apps:

Is it possible to import them?
Which format shall I select?

Trial and error is always a good way to start!
SEEMS I was able to import “google smart vault” or whatever the name is… into bitwarden.
I exported them from and then I imported them using the “Chrome” format.

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You should be able to export your password as csv

Do not forget to remove the passwords from Google and to deactivate it after you have confirmed that you got all data into Bitwarden