Getting logged off when switching User


I tried to test the new feature for switching accounts.

I use a self hosted server with the latest updates.

I can successfully register a second user.

Now when I try to select the other user I get the message “Logoff - your session has expired”. I think this is the message because my client is set to german.

Both accounts have MFA enabled.

In the browser extensions I am parellel correctly logged in.

What can be the problem here?


I’m having the exact same issue.


This issue appears to be similar in nature to a related issue with the unofficial 3rd party fork of Bitwarden known as Vaultwarden.

Can you check to see if your self-hosted service is running Bitwarden or Vaultwarden?
If it is the latter, there is currently an open issue regarding this and most likely will be fixed in a later release by their devs permitting.

Appears to be caused by a mishandling of the backend 3rd party server as noted:

Confirmed. It looks like it is trying to access the token, [INFO] (login) POST /identity/connect/token , but not allowed.



Thanks for the response.

Yes that’s right, it is Vaultwarden.

So I think I’ll have to wait for the Devs to fix this.

Thanks for the help and go on with the great work :+1:

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I’m running a self-hosted Bitwarden instance and had the issue again today. This happened on Windows, but I can recall this also happened at least once on Linux.


Is there any log that I can check to provide more info? Or activate logging so I can give you more info?

Is it coincidence, that Ronso86 and I have both a german installation (eventhough Ronso86 is using Vaultwarden)?

@maestr0 - which version of a Bitwarden server are you running and which license level?

Am running the latest available version for self-hosting:


I have a family license imported.

Definitely reach out to the Bitwarden CS Team and see if they can offer some help - your installation should be supported.

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