Get subset of password characters by position

Copy subset of password by index

It is common for online banking services to ask for a subset of characters from you password. e.g. the 3 5 and 7th characters it would be useful to have a feature that let’s you enter the requested indices and copy the desired subset of you password to the clipboard.

Have a look at this tip I posted last year - you may be able to use this with your bank :crossed_fingers:t2:


For these banking websites that ask for the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 12th, 18th, and 21st characters - if you have them on your clipboard in that order, will it actually fill them? or is it anticipating one character of input per item?

I would imagine it’s one char per input, so I don’t think it would work from the clipboard.

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Thanks, @danmullen - I was just thinking that perhaps @mkanavakatini’s PR is a great solution to this - easy to see and copy as needed :slight_smile:

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I suppose it would depend on how the particular form is coded - if entering something on one field causes the focus to be set to the next field, then perhaps copy and paste of certain characters would work :thinking:

Either way, I think that PR is a nice addition that makes it easy to see which characters you require, even if you have to enter them manually.