Generate username/emails with predefined domain

For those of us who use a separate mail address for each service/app it would be great if Bitwarden not only generated and suggested a password but also generated and suggested a login/email.

For example, might use
[email protected] for Facebook
[email protected] for Reddit

I’d love if I could configure Bitwarden to generate logins given my suffix

Neat idea.

I just use the domain name myself. I signed up for BW as [email protected], for example. This makes it really easy to see who was hacked or sold my email when spam comes in.

For people with Gmail accounts, they can sign up to sites with [email protected] for the same effect.

This is a feature other password managers don’t have yet, and given how mature the market is, that’s pretty rare!

I used to do that. But after my insurance company thought that I worked for them, and gave me employee discounts, because they though my email was from their domain as I was using something like:
[email protected]
I had to try to explain that I did not work for them, which was complicated.

I want to avoid anyone thinking something like that, or worse, thinking that I want to scam them. That’s why I prefer using random string.